Choosing the Perfect Venue | Arden Photography

Choosing a venue should be at the forefront of your mind when you are newly engaged. Venues are booked out multiple months, if not a year, in advance, and they go fast. A venue is the perfect way to show off you and your s/o’s personality and lifestyle; that’s why it’s so important to take haste in booking your wedding day spot to secure the dream you have envisioned for years. Here’s a list of tips and considerations to make when booking a wedding venue.

  • Location

    • Where your venue is located is something you should heavily consider. Should it be closer to your family? Closer to your s/o’s family? Will the location be better at certain time’s of the year? Is it accessible to your guests? Will it fulfill the vision you had in mind? All of these questions should be in the back of your mind when picking your location.

  • Budget

    • Along with location, your budget should also be a frontrunner. Your budget allows you to put more value into your wedding destination both tangibly and imaginatively. What you dream will be more easily accessible if you have the financial means to do so. That’s why it is so important to prioritize what ideas deserve more financial care than others.

  • Capacity

    • How many guests you have invited and RSVP’d can limit your venue choices as most venues have limitations for how many guests are allowed. Obviously, larger wedding parties need larger venues and the same goes for smaller wedding parties, albeit the guest capacity isn’t as restrictive.

  • Availability

    • When should you have your wedding, you may ask? Most people have a general idea of what time of the year they would like their wedding to be, and that’s also dependent on where the venue is located; but what many fail remember is that sometimes your dream venue is already, well… booked. As sad as that is, that’s why it’s so important to look at venues ASAP so that you can secure your wedding date. Just possibly expect compromises to be made in regard to the date due to the venue’s availability.

  • Preferences:

    • We all have our likes and dislikes of most things, and that doesn't exclude wedding venue decisions. There are so many venue options for weddings: churches, hotels, farms, homes… the list goes on, but once you have figured out your type of venue, start your journey online to get an idea of where your preferred choices are located and what their layouts are.

  • Visit

    • Once you’ve narrowed down to a handful of venues, it’s time to gather your note-taking abilities and go on a trek to narrow down your final few to a final one. Write down the pros and cons each venue has to offer and make sure that what you viewed online matches what you see in person.

  • Restrictions

    • Sometimes to utilize a specific venue, they may have certain restrictions to abide by. Make sure you ask about these right away so that they don’t become a last-minute, non-refundable deal breaker, as well as informing your guests prior to your wedding what those restrictions may be.

  • Facility Extras:

    • Often times venues offer extra facilities for an extra charge (or sometimes they’re included). Chairs, tables, linens, rain tents, etc are all things you should think about when planning for your special day. Sometimes it’s easier to use what is provided, but there is also a possibility you can bring in your own whether that be because it’s easier or to fulfill a specific dream.

  • Caterer:

    • Check with your venue if they catering restrictions.Most times venues don’t mind who is brought onto the property, but it’s also important to know if they do have any restrictions like a specific list of catering services they allow.

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Advice: After the Wedding | Arden Photography

What many may not know about the scope of wedding planning is that the precious moments following your big day are just as, if not more, important than the ceremony itself. All the excitement and nerves that went into planning finally comes to a halt after the reception, and then you’re left with a lot of unanswered questions revolving around: “What to do now?” Well, what is there to do now that you're sans an overload of hype, worry, and joy over one of the most important days of your life? Below is a list of things to consider to make sure you don’t fall into those post-wedding blues. Cheers to a happy and healthy marriage!


  • Create a safe zone: It is so easy to get wrapped up in planning and lose the enjoyment that should come along with planning your wedding festivities. Create a buffer area where you can avoid all wedding talk and give your mind some R&R.

  • Consider waiting for the honeymoon: By giving yourself a couple of days between wedding and honeymoon, it’ll allow you to collect your thoughts, belongings, and let you talk over any questions and concerns you have with your s/o.

  • Talk to your husband/wife: Communication is key. Any and all concerns, words of encouragement, and thoughts need to be constantly shared in a respectful and patient matter. It’s easy to get lost into wedding planning mode.

  • Be open to premarital counseling: Even if there is nothing to be concerned about, going from fiance to wife/husband is a huge leap. Premarital counseling will allow you to address any concerns or unanswered questions as well as establish a more open relationship.

  • Plan ahead: Plan for E V E R Y T H I N G, good and bad, to occur before, during, and after the wedding. This’ll allow both of you to be prepared for any situation to occur and handle it accordingly.


  • RELAX: You guys deserve it! Give yourself ample time to take in the previous days’s events and bask in the mood of being of newlyweds

  • Check your social media and wedding hashtag: Check out all of the amazing moments that might not have been captured by your photographer and to remember who all came to celebrate you and your partner.

  • Receive your marriage license and change your name: Make it official by picking up your wedding license, as well as changing your last name (but only if you want to)!

  • Write thank-you notes and reviews: Write thank-you notes to friends, families, and vendors to let them know how much you appreciated their assistance, services, and love. Don’t forget to write reviews for your vendors either! Reviews are very important because it allows businesses to get the attention they do or do not deserve as well as helping out future couples to choose who they want to spend their special day with

  • Close out your registry: This way you’ll know what you did and did not receive, and from there, you can purchase any gifts you still want, return/exchange any unwanted gifts, and return any items you bought for the wedding and didn’t use.

  • Talk to your photographer: Converse with your photographer on how you would like your wedding album to look and also how you will share your images with your guests.

  • Figure out finances: Money is very important, and, unfortunately, it can cause a disgruntled mood if not handled appropriately. Make sure you guys’ financial situation is an open and respectful conversation.

  • Recognize that your wedding isn’t the same as your marriage: Your wedding should be easy, fun, and joy-filled, but what many newlyweds forget is that the feelings you get on your wedding day are only a percentage of what marriage is really like. Now, I’m not saying marriage can’t be easy or fun or joy-filled, but it also has so many different layers of emotions that follow that will evolve over time.

  • Make everyday events exciting and important: You looked forward to your big day for SO long and it’s finally over. All of the overwhelming emotions are gone, and, quite frankly, you are unsure of how to feel. That’s why it’s so important to embrace all of the small moments and not set your sights on only impactful experiences. Enjoying the little things to keep your marriage satisfied, content, and healthy.

  • Redefine your relationship with your family: Going from being dependent on your family, to, possibly, being an independent individual, to a co-partnership with your spouse are all defining moments in life. Keep an open conversation with your family, agree to disagree, and compromise traditions you would like to take on individually with your s/o.

  • Look to your new spouse: In times of need, overwhelming emotions (good or bad), or just to appreciate on another. One of the biggest mistakes in marriage is not allowing yourself the luxury to depend on your spouse for certain situations. This can cause miscommunication, distrust, and confusion, and when you’re newlyweds there’s little room for mistake without overreacting since emotions are still running high from your big day.

  • Find a new goal to look forward to: And enjoy every moment in between! Set goals to look forward to with your love while also being content in the in between.

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How to Give a Proper Toast at a Wedding | Arden Photography

Public speaking: an activity that holds a vicious grip on many people’s number one top fears. Yet, what do you do when your dear family member or friend asks you to take part in the special tradition of presenting a wedding toast on their big day? You say, “YES, of course,” because they love and appreciate you so much that they want to cherish the memory of you speaking at their wedding for a lifetime. So, where to begin? Below is a simple and quaint outline you can base your speech on, as well as a few things to think about and avoid. The road to a wedding toast is daunting, but not impossible, and no matter what, just smile.

Wedding Toast Outline:

  1. Thank the host

  2. Engaging opener

  3. Simple, but endearing anecdote about bride & groom (individual &/or as a couple)

  4. Compliment bride & groom individually & their partnership

  5. Well wishes and congratulations


  • Practice

  • Coordinate with the wedding planner

  • Tactfully get the guests’s attention

  • Keep it simple

  • Speak to the room and get them involved in your speech

  • Be sincere

  • Mix humor and sentimentality

  • Keep it appropriate

  • End on a sweet note


  • Too much alcohol prior to the toast

  • Past relationships/negative commentary on marriage

  • X-rated topics

  • Bathroom humor/inside jokes

  • Your personal life

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Looking & Feeling Good on Your Wedding Day: Men's Edition

Much to many people’s surprise, a wedding isn’t only about the bride. The groom should be just as mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared as his beloved. By you taking the time to put in the effort to prep yourself for your big day, not only will the festivities flow smoother, but it will also take a lot of pressure off of your significant other in regard to them not having to simultaneously worry about you and themselves. Below are a few things to consider to make sure you’re feeling and looking your best for your shared and long-awaited wedding day.

  • Grooming

    • Smile: Consider getting your teeth whitened, and/or skipping out on the coffee and tea several weeks before the big day.

    • Hair: Get your hair cut, but NOT the day before the wedding. You want to look clean and fresh, and the ample time in between your hair appointment and wedding should allow fo any mishaps to be combed over.

    • Face: Consider a skincare routine. The bride isn’t the only one who should focus on having a clear face on you guys’s special day.

    • Hydrate: Not only will it keep any accidents from occurring in regard to dehydration, but water does amazing things for your skin when consumed often and frequently.

  • Dress

    • Suit: Get a color that you feel confident in and that will also compliment the theme of your wedding. Also, make sure that it is tailored to perfection. A well-fitted suit looks phenomenal in photographs and will make you exude confidence.

    • Accessorize: Think of accessories as a way to bring out your personality on your big day. A sleek watch or classic jewelry, always adds a touch of character to your overall ensemble.

  • Practice

    • Vows: Say them out loud to get the hang of what you wrote down. This way you’ll be able to edit out any unwanted stumbles or unnecessary information.

    • Speech: it’s gonna happen, and it’ll happen fast. Prepare and practice your speech so you can continue on celebrating without any mishaps.

    • Poses: Your bride isn’t the only one that has to be photogenic. Practice posing and facial expressions. We want you to be comfortable in front of the camera because you and your partner will feed off of each other’s energy.

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How To: Wedding Vows | Arden Photography

Probably coming in second of importance after saying, “I do,” wedding vows should be made a priority to create the perfect beginning of a life together with your partner. They should be personal, yet easily understood. Sophisticated, yet light-hearted. Realistic, yet present the dream you're willing to offer to your love. Wedding vows should be a balanced proclamation of your uniting love and forever future, but if you need a little nudge to help get you on track, here are a few tips to get your William Shakespeare on.

  • Punctuality

    • Start early, and don’t wait till the last minute. Vows are meant to be personal and created with care.

  • Talk to your partner

    • Establish a tone, structure, and word limit so that no one is being taken too seriously or not seriously enough and so that they don’t last for more than a couple of minutes.

  • Reminisce

    • Think back on memories you have with your partner, the good and bad, to appreciate where you came from and how you have evolved into who you are now.

    • Look back at old pictures, trinkets, and experiences to become inspired and possibly include in the anecdotal portion of your vows.

    • Avoid anything too personal, embarrassing, or cryptic. Your vows should be unique, but they should also be understandable to your audience.

  • Unsure of where to start or how to get out of writer’s block?

    • Make a list. This way you’ll be able to stream-of-consciousness write, convert those words into sentences, and then simplify and edit out anything unnecessary.

    • Look at other couple’s vows to get ideas and to reignite your inspiration.

    • Simply take a break. Sometimes we overthink too much and don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to enjoy the experience of celebrating our partners through our vows. Take a step back, breathe, and resume when you feel the time is right.

  • Promises

    • Come up with several you can make to your spouse that you know you can keep and our realistic.

    • Avoid anything too cliché.

  • Editing

    • Have someone you trust to read over your vows to make sure that they make sense and are easily listened to.

    • Simplify. We all want our vows to be perfect, but perfect does not equate to longwinded. Save intense proclamations for a private time to make it more personal.

    • Practice makes perfect. Practicing out loud will help you avoid any slip-ups and helps you understand how the audience will process your words.

    • Make a clean copy for yourself.

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Five Ways to be a Good Bridesmaid | Arden Photography

  • Pay attention

    • Listen: The less times something has to be repeated the more laidback the experience is.

    • Body language: If someone, or, more importantly, the bride looks uncomfortable automatically see what can be done to take away any negative feelings.

    • Offer help if someone appears they are struggling.

  • Be a team player

    • Not everyone in the bridal party may get along, but it’s your job to be civil. The bride wanted you and everyone else to be specifically involved for her special day, so put aside any hostility.

    • Be open-minded and understanding toward other’s special needs and personalities.

    • All bridesmaids should have a basic understanding and leniency of catering toward the bride’s needs and requests.

  • Don’t share every opinion

    • When asked for, answer honestly but respectfully. Remember that although something may not be up to your standard, each wedding is individualized and unique to a couple, and they should be the ones happy with the outcome.

  • Plan bachelorette party accordingly

    • Time can get away from the bride and her bridal party when planning for the big day. Make sure to take time to sit down and converse about date, location, and budget so that everyone can experience some fun R&R before the b ig day.

  • Set boundaries

    • Sometimes requests and needs may be completely out of your control. If the bride gets upset or is asking for a lot of your time, respectfully address it and designate when you can be available. It’s okay to confront possible conflict before it gets too out of hand.

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Exiting in Style | Arden Photography

It’s down to the final minutes of your wedding festivities, but there’s still ONE more hurtle before being full-fledged, independent newlyweds… the exit. There are many takes on exiting the reception and that primarily depends on venue rules and regulations and the overall theme of your wedding. So, whether you want to be showered in luxurious rose petals or be picking glitter confetti out of your hair for the next month, here’s some creative exits depending on your personality and theme.

  • Classic

    • Flower Petals

    • Dried Lavender

    • Vintage Car Getaway

    • Rice

    • Candles

  • Fun

    • Glow Sticks

    • Confetti (check for eco-friendly)

    • Feathers

    • Paper Airplanes

    • Flags

    • Light Sticks

    • Ribbon Wands

    • Streamers

    • Balloons

  • Glamourous

    • Feathers

    • Rose Petals

    • Sports Car Getaway

Quick Note: Be sure to check in with your venue to see what is allowed or not allowed for send-offs.

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Five Ways to be a Good Wedding Guest | Arden Photography

  • RSVP

    • ASAP: This will give the couple/planner time to plan accordingly to guest influx.

    • “Officially”: Usually on invitations there is information to RSVP officially so that you don’t keep the bride and groom on their toes with a simple verbal response.

  • Be positive

    • Avoid comparing and criticizing details: Each couple’s wedding is individual and unique to their own preferences. Save your opinions for your special day.

    • Share your excitement: Ultimately, the. couple wants you to be just as excited as you are about their long awaited day. If you’re excited, let them know you’re having a great time.

    • Mingle: Get to know those around you, and make friends and connections.

    • Offer to help: If you see someone or something not going as planned, offer to aid in making things go smoother… but, only if you mean it.

    • Be present: Weddings are meant to celebrate the happiness and love caused by the unity of two individuals, so celebrate… don’t worry about trivial conflict that can wait for another day.

  • Check before you ask

    • Plus-one: Unless if other wise stated, don’t bring a plus-one that may or may not be welcome.

    • Don’t assume children are welcome: Sometimes children cause distractions, and sometimes that’s unwanted during a wedding ceremony. Make sure children are allowed and plan accordingly.

    • Dress: Dress for the occasion. Most of the time the invitation will state dress code ( if anything, it’s always better to dress up then dress under).

  • Bring a gift

    • Registry: Check the couple’s registry so that you are gifting something that they need and will use.

    • Mail: Consider mailing your gift so that the couple doesn’t have to worry about gathering up and possibly misplacing your gift.

    • Card: Can’t/don’t want to bring a gift? Consider giving a card to show your appreciation toward the invite.

  • Be considerate

    • Venue: Understand and follow the rules of the venue. The owners put a lot of effort to maintain their venue, and they don’t want to cause conflict by getting onto a guest that isn’t respecting their property.

    • Arrive on time: Be punctual. There is a designated time for a reason. Don’t interrupt something important.

    • Drink responsibly: Look, we all want to have fun and enjoy ourselves, but it also needs to be taken in moderation. Don’t cause other guests to be uncomfortable.

    • Silence your phone: One of the worst things would be for your phone to go off during an important speech or during vows… don’t be that person.

    • Talking during ceremony: Most ceremonies last between 30-45 minutes, allow the couple to take in everything without mindless chatter in the background.

    • Food allergies: If you have specific allergies, let the couple/planner know so that they can plan accordingly.

    • Respect the photographer: We all want to document this special day for our own memories, but it is very important for the hired photographer to be the front-runner in capturing the couple’s special moments. We want the newlyweds to have quality content to reminisce over.

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Tips for Getting Your BEST Wedding Day Photos | Arden Photography

If you’re a soon-to-be bride or a newlywed you know how much time and effort goes into wedding preparation. One of the many things that is or has been on your mind is: photos. Photography is the one of the only mediums that will allow you to reminisce and visually share this special day of yours, so on the day of your wedding the last thing you want to overthink is how your pictures are going to turn out. Below are a few tips to consider when preparing for your wedding celebration to ensure that your pictures look like they came straight out of a page in a magazine.

  • 3-6 months before:

    • Diet and Exercise Regimen: If you feel you need to get “more in shape” before your wedding, allow yourself ample time to adjust to a healthy, regulated lifestyle. Don’t rush this process, as long as you feel your very best on your wedding day, that’s all that matters.

    • Schedule: Finalize a wedding day schedule so that everyone including the wedding planner, hair and makeup team, photographer, florist, and vendors are all on the same page. This will keep the day going smoothly without any hiccups.

    • Know Your Angles: Being comfortable in front of the camera is a MUST when aspiring to have amazing pictures. We ALL have a side we favor when taking pictures. Make this known to the photographer so they know to photograph you in a way that makes you feel confident. It’s also not a bad idea to practice taking photos to learn what poses flatters you best.

    • Hair and Makeup: If you're hiring a hair and makeup artist, utilize the months leading up to your wedding to do a trial run. Not only will this ensure that you love how you will look on your special day, but you can also plan to get your engagement session done after being glammed up to knock several things off of you to-do list.

  • 1-2 months before:

    • Hair: Get your hair trimmed and colored a couple months leading up to your wedding. This will make sure that your hair looks fresh and healthy on your wedding day, and it will also ensure that if any mishaps occur that you can get it fixed in plenty of time,

    • Teeth: Just face it, you will be smiling A LOT on your wedding day which makes having pearly whites an essential! Go to your dentist or purchase whitening strips to keep your smile bright and fresh.

    • Facial: Getting a facial done will allow your skin to be smooth, clear, and refreshed in your photos. Giving enough time in between your facial session and the photographs is a must, though. This allows time for any possible reactions or flare-ups.

    • Special Picture Requests: By this point, you should have a pretty good idea of how your wedding day schedule will encompass your picture spots. Have some good ideas in mind? We want to know! Set the expectation for us because we want your visual memories to be unique and personal to you!

  • The week of:

    • Manicure: Having your nails nice and neat ensures those desired ring shots are satisfactory and on point!

    • Ring Cleaning: We want your ring to shine on your hand and in your pictures. You’ll take everyone’s breath away with a fresh, shiny ring.

    • Wax/Shave: Wax and shave any unwanted hair from your body. We have professional cameras for a reason: to pick up EVERY detail. Don’t want it in your photos? Get rid of it.

    • Don’t Pick: What could I possibly mean by this? You’ve been planning your wedding for awhile now and have picked or assisted in picking out everything. What I mean is: don’t pick your face. Plain and simple. Makeup artists are there for a reason, and swollen faces should not be a prerogative. If you have a flare up try a trusted topical treatment you’ve been using, ice it, or stay away from mirrors to avoid the compulsion.

  • Night before/Day of:

    • Sleep: It’s hard. Excitement and nerves are coursing through your body, but a good night’s rest (7-8 hours) will keep the dark circles, stress, and exhaustion from creeping in.

    • Hydrate/Snack: So many brides forget to stay hydrated and eat on their wedding day. Whether that be from pure forgetfulness or refusing to do so, it is SO important to drink water and eat to avoid headaches, nausea, or even passing out. We want you to stay happy and healthy on your special day!

    • Take a Peek: Unsure of how pictures are turning out or out of pure curiosity, if you want to take a look at what we’re capturing, it’s okay to ask ever so often.

    • Timeliness: Make sure to stick to the planned schedule. We don’t want you to feel rushed and we also want to be able to capture everything we and yourself had planned.

During getting ready moments make sure you’re happy with the final outcome of your hair and makeup and take time to sip on your preferred beverage and grab a snack.

During getting ready moments make sure you’re happy with the final outcome of your hair and makeup and take time to sip on your preferred beverage and grab a snack.

Angles. Are. Everything. Look at how beautiful these brides are! Their posing is so elegant and flattering.

Angles. Are. Everything. Look at how beautiful these brides are! Their posing is so elegant and flattering.

Special picture requests can include anything from special loved one group shots to fur baby photo-ops. Also, take a look at how beautiful these rings are! A cleaning goes a LONG way in photos.

Special picture requests can include anything from special loved one group shots to fur baby photo-ops. Also, take a look at how beautiful these rings are! A cleaning goes a LONG way in photos.

What to Consider for Your Wedding Day: Special Picture Requests | Arden Photography

More often than not, couples depend on their photographer’s expertise when picture time comes around on their wedding day. Poses, who’s photographed with who, location, and time of day are a few of the many things photographers take into consideration when directing their photographs to make sure that the day goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

But what happens when you trust your photographer’s routine, yet you want to make sure they capture a specific moment during your special day? You ask, of course. Special picture requests are not uncommon, and they are also a way to give your wedding memories a unique and personable vibe.

Now you’re probably wondering, “What could be considered a special picture request?”

Well, as mentioned earlier, most photographers have a routine or timeline they follow for weddings. Getting ready photos; pre-ceremony photos that include the first look (if you’re into that), bridal party, groom’s party, and immediate family pictures; ceremony photos; post-ceremony photos if you didn’t do a first look (or just want more couple portraits) that can also include friend and family group shots; and, lastly, reception photos.

Photographers usually do the basics of formal posing of the bride and groom while incorporating family and friends to record who was a part of the celebration, as well as detail shots of the floral arrangements, invitations, food, jewelry… you know, the works.

If you have something in mind that doesn’t fall into the realm of the aforementioned categories, that's when you request for a special picture.

Examples of special picture requests are listed below to give you an idea of what might take your wedding photographs to the next level; and as said earlier, if it’s not mentioned… just ask. We want to make your day as special as you have always dreamed it to be.

  • A location that the photographer and you didn’t previously discuss

  • Personal trinkets

  • Family Memories, photos of grandparents

  • Specific poses

    • Silly, high-fashion, meaningful, etc.

  • Specific people

    • Those that might fall outside of immediate/close family and the bridal/groom’s party

  • A specific act

    • Usually asked when the act is outside of “normal” wedding routine

  • A specific setting

    • Sunsets, fireworks, snow, etc.


What to Consider for Your Wedding Day: Weather | Arden Photography

We all know weather in Alabama is bipolar to the nth degree. So, here is a list of considerations you should make for your special day, whether in Bama or not, to make sure it remains special and stress-free.

  • Temperature

    • Hot, cold, in between, make sure you know the general whereabouts of where the temperature is going to be on your special day so that you can plan accordingly on beauty and attire.

    • Small, portable fans are a mindful consideration just in case you're stuck outside taking pictures in the heat.

    • Blankets and shawls on hand are also something to consider to walk around with during the cooler degrees.

  • Rain/Snow… any type of precipitation

    • Have a backup plan for possible rainouts. Most weddings are not events to postpone, so if having a tent readily available is an option, make sure you have them on speed-dial.

  • Hydration

    • It is SO important to stay hydrated during your wedding day. Regardless if it’s hot or cold outside, water will keep any medical issues from occurring and it will keep you feeling fresh all day.

  • H&MU

    • Hair and makeup can be a huge issue if there is imminent weather on the way. Make sure your styles are weather-appropriate, and even have a possible backup. There are many products that are on the market to keep you looking and feeling your best, just ask your stylist what they recommend.

    • Argan and morroccan oil can prevent and reduce frizz.

    • Setting spray and waterproof makeup can keep your face in place all day.

  • Attire

    • Make sure your attire is temperature-appropriate for the time of year your wedding is scheduled for. There is nothing worse than feeling uncomfortable for a day that you are supposed to remember fondly.

    • If you want a short-sleeve dress during cooler weather, maybe opt for a fur shawl to place over yourself during downtime. Plus, they make for beautiful, classy pictures.

  • Guests

    • If you know there is a significant weather change on your wedding day, make sure to let your guests know so they know how to dress accordingly and schedule how they will arrive easier. They’ll surely be thanking you for your consideration.

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Photo by: Arden Photography

Happy Wedding Anniversary to Abigail & Mathew | Arden Photography

Abigail and Mathew celebrated their sunflower-filled wedding at Windwood Equestrian on May 27, 2018 with Arden Photography. We want to extend a VERY happy one-year anniversary to this sweet couple. We hope that love continues to grow and shine light upon you. Cheers to many more!


Happy Wedding Anniversary to Larkin & Garrett | Arden Photography

Might be a little early in my timing, but that won’t stop Arden Photography from wishing Larkin and Garrett a magical one-year anniversary. We hope that the past year has allowed your love to grow and flourish between the two of you. We, also, hope that your future is filled with continual reminders of why each of you chose to become one together. Happy anniversary!


Happy Wedding Anniversary to Hollace & J.R. | Arden Photography

Happy ALMOST two-year anniversary! I had the immense joy of spending May 13, 2018 with this amiable couple on their warm, summer wedding day. Arden Photography sends lots of love and well wishes to you both on your day of wedding remembrance. Cheers to many more!


Happy Wedding Anniversary to Cari & Michael | Arden Photography

Almost two years ago Cari and Michael were wed at Windwood Equestrian with Arden Photography in tow. Happy EARLY anniversary to you both! We hope these past two years have been filled with love, patience, and happiness; and we wish many more years of the same!


Happy Wedding Anniversary to Lindsay & Blake | Arden Photography

On May 12, 2018, Lindsay and Blake were married at Windwood Equestrian. With that being said, Arden Photography wants to extend a loving, early anniversary wish to this sweet couple. We enjoyed sharing your wedding celebration with us, and we hope you can look back on your special day with fond memories!


Happy Wedding Anniversary to Erin & John | Arden Photography

Happy, happy, early two-year anniversary to Erin and John! This lovely couple celebrated their special day with us on May 6, 2017, and we’re still not over the excitement this day held. Arden Photography wishes you many, many years of love and adventures.


Happy Wedding Anniversary to Lauren & Graham | Arden Photography

Happy EARLY one-year anniversary to Lauren and Graham! Arden Photography was beyond over-joyed to be included in your wedding celebration on April 28 2018, especially at our special place we call home, Windwood Equestrian. I loved being able to relive this beautiful day looking through your photos. You guys are truly a beautiful couple, inside and out, and I wish you so much love for the future.


Happy Anniversary to Hannah & McKinley | Arden Photography

Happy one-year anniversary to this lovely couple! Hannah and McKinley got married at Windwood Equestrian on April 14, 2018. This couple is so kind-spirited, and I loved being able to spend your wedding day with the both of you. Much love from Arden Photography, and well wishes of happiness in the future.


Makeup Tips from Birmingham H&MU Artist Madeline Hulsey | Arden Photography

Madeline Hulsey is a professional hair & make-up artist based in Birmingham, Alabama. She works at Wildflower Hair and Nail Studio in Mountain Brook, Alabama. Madeline, better known as Maddie, specializes in hair cutting & coloring, & she has been doing hair & makeup as a career since she was 16 years old.

Maddie never meets a stranger. Her kind-hearted, bubbly personality always leaves her customers feeling enlightened & joyous by her radiant character.

Working in the beauty community for several years now, Maddie knows a thing or two when it comes to preparing her brides & bridal parties, albeit she would never admit that herself.

Here are a few quick & easy tips Maddie swears by to leave your wedding day, at least the hair & makeup aspect, a little more stress-free:

  • Sometimes… less is more. On your wedding day, ensure to enhance your beauty instead of reinventing an entirely new look.

    • You want people to appreciate the beauty you already have shining within you.


    • Water keeps your skin replenished and gives it that top-notch bridal glow.

  • Get plenty of rest. You would be surprised with how much a few extra hours of sleep helps on your big day.

    • More sleep = clear skin, reduced stress, less fatigue, & less bloating.

  • Skincare is KEY for a refreshed look. Start a stable skincare routine a few months out from your wedding.

    • By giving yourself enough time in between finding out what skin products work for you & your big celebration, your skin will be thanking you for giving it that little extra attention & time, & you will be feeling unstoppable.

  • Make sure your in love with your trial run.

    • If you’re not feeling something during your trial, you most likely won’t be feeling it on your wedding day either. Ask questions or suggest something you want to do. It is YOUR big day after all, we just want to make you feel comfortable & special.

  • Get a lip color you adore & take it to your trial.

    • This allows you not to have to worry about pesky touch-ups after the hair & make-up team head out. Some artists give you a complimentary lip color, but that isn’t the case all of the time.

  • Make sure your hair is freshly colored and shiny for your big day.

    • Of course, only if you want to. Fresh color and conditioning treatments just give your hair that extra luster you’ll be appreciating looking back at photographs.

  • Lashes are a MUST!

    • They make your eyes appear more wide awake & bright, & they pull together the final touches of any makeup look.

    • You can also get them customized with individual lashes so that you can control the lash intensity, volume, & length.

Photo by: Arden Upton

Photo by: Arden Upton

Photo by: Arden Upton

Photo by: Arden Upton

Photo by: Arden Upton

Photo by: Arden Upton