Hannah & Jared: Arden Photography

Who likes a stroll in the park on a Sunday afternoon?  I do!  It's always fun when leisurely time turns into a photoshoot!  It was just an ordinary walk in the park and some photos in between.  We're so excited about Hannah and Jared's Windwood Fall wedding!   We met the couple back in February and they're just as adorable today as they were then.  We spent the afternoon downtown among some popular Birmingham attractions:  I've always loved this city and it seems like every week, there's a new space waiting to be photographed.  Hannah and Jared's photos are absolutely stunning, but who could expect less from a stunning couple?  We're counting down the days until November 19th!

Emily & Joey: Arden Photography

I remember the first time I met Emily and Joey.  I immediately began to think about how tall and gorgeous their kids are going to be! This is probably one of the sweetest and most beautiful couples that I've ever met!  Their wedding seemed to get here overnight!  It seemed like yesterday when we photographed their engagement portraits and now their officially married!  We absolutely love all of our brides and Emily is no exception!  She was the picture perfect bride and the entire wedding party couldn't have been more fun! Thanks to the team at M. Elizabeth Events, we had a fantastic day!  Emily and Joey's Windwood wedding was the party of the decade!  The weather was amazing, the guests were awesome and our couple of the day stole the show!  All eyes were on this gorgeous pair as they danced the night away!  Congratulations to Joey and Emily!  We wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

Sophia's Senior Portraits: Arden Photography

We've been really busy these past few weeks.  Graduation is upon us so that means senior portraits are in full gear.  Sophia is a blossoming senior at Vestavia Hills Highs School and will be heading to college in Mississippi in the Fall.  Brains and beauty have always been the perfect combination but Sophia is definitely the best of both worlds.  With gorgeous big blue eyes, she really made my job so much easier!   Arden Photography is so proud of all the graduates that are about to start new chapters in their lives.  We've known some of these seniors since they were small children and it's always fun to see them doing amazing things!  Congratulations Sophia and to the entire class of 2016!   We wish you the very best in all of your future endeavors!

Claire & John: Arden Photography

Weddings are celebrations, parties filled with laughter, dancing, and love. Each couple is different though, and they all celebrate in different ways. Claire and John? They were party animals! And wow - was this one fun wedding and reception! There was never any doubt about that though as this couple was one for the books: sweet, kind, and a whole lot of good time! Claire had incorporated many beautiful details from the rich red bouquet, the garland wreath above their nuptials, the deer antlers on the groom's cake, and of course, the glow stick accessories at the reception! DJ CoCo played house music, they inflated a giant whale pool toy, brought out the broomsticks turned make-shift guitars - add it all up, and it makes for one unforgettable wedding! 

Laura & Zechariah: Arden Photography

It was a sweet September afternoon at Windwood Equestrian when Laura glided around the corner to see Zechariah for the first time. They were all smiles as he asked her to twirl around for him in her dress. She wore flowers in her hair, and a veil that would catch in the wind. They married beneath an altar her father built, complete with garlands of flowers and a dainty chandelier - absolute romance filled the late summer air. Dancing ensued late into the night, and the couple made their exit through flowing ribbons and cheers!

Edgar, the Barn Cat: Arden Photography

Here at Arden Photography and Windwood Equestrian, we like to think we are animal people. We quite often feature horses, dogs, doves - all kinds of animals in our photos. We want to give you the full farm experience! So meet Edgar - the barn cat. He is quite the handsome character and likes to make feature appearances in your wedding ceremony to add a little sass and a little attitude for a truly one-of-a-kind experience! His talents include napping, snacking, and more napping. Don't worry - he doesn't bite….often! Book your special Edgar appearance at Windwood Equestrain today! 

Liza & Fred: Arden Photography

This may have been one of our favorite weddings of the summer. So filled with happiness and love was this couple. Upon their "first glance" meeting, Liza whispered to Fred, "I cannot wait to marry you." Classic touches graced this Windwood wedding with roses and satin, and a few unexpected details like personalized bug spray bottles for their guests. It turned into a real party after the ceremony as the band heated up, the lights flicked on, and the guests started grooving! Congratulations Liza and Fred! 

Baby Jack: Arden Photography

Mister Jack here was quite the bundle of energy. We snapped his baby portraits at Windwood Farm, though it was less like a photo session and far more of a play-date! He looked the perfect J-Crew model as he posed in his fedora hat and chased around Edgar, the barn cat. Foreshadowing his future on the LSU football team, he played every bit the part of the tough quarterback! 

Windwood Horse Show: Arden Photography

The annual Windwood Horse Show took place in August. It showcased riders of the Windwood Equestrian school as they confidently rode in on their valiant steeds. They galloped, they jumped hurdles, they tossed their long, silky manes in the summer heat - the horses, not the riders! Spectators had a great time also, exploring the Windwood grounds and meeting Phoenix - the miniature horse mascot. Be sure to visit the Windwood Equestrian website to learn more about the riding school and other events: http://windwoodequestrian.com

An Amazing Rehearsal Dinner: Arden Photography

Everyone knows that Windwood Equestrian is the newest additional to the world of amazing venues!  We've had some wonderful weddings there and we're so excited about our future Windwood weddings.  There are often various events leading up to the actual wedding day.  There are showers, brunches , engagement parties and the rehearsal dinner.  I had the privilege to photograph one of the most spectacular rehearsal dinners to date.  With beautiful florals by Leah Hazzard, table settings from Event Rentals and one of the best chef's in existence.. Chris Hastings, this was truly a night to remember!  Here are a few of our favorite photos!

Jamie & Andrew: Arden Photography

Jamie and Andrew were married during a beautiful evening ceremony at Windwood Equestrian.  I absolutely loved the colors and details of this wedding!  The day was picture perfect and the rain held off for the couple's amazing day!  Congrats Jamie and Andrew!  We're so excited for this new chapter in your lives!  

Aaron & Todd: Arden Photography

Wedding season has officially peaked!  Arden Photography couldn't be more thrilled about the weddings that we've had the opportunity to photograph this summer.  Aaron and Todd's wedding was held at Windwood Equestrian and we couldn't wait to share some of our favorite images.  Aaron and Todd are such a beautiful couple and we wish them a lifetime of happiness together!

Liza & Freddy

Laughter is one of the most important ingredients in a healthy relationship and that is what this entire engagement sessions was full of; laughter. Liza and Freddy's love for each other is not only apparent in photographs but in person as well and that is why Arden Photography is counting down the days until Liza and Freddy's August wedding at Windwood Equestrian!