Amanda & Bryan: Arden Photography

Amanda and Bryan were married on a beautiful day at Windwood Equestrian.  We met Amanda last year during the beginning planning stages of her wedding.  I remember thinking how gorgeous her eyes were and how I couldn't wait to see her as a bride!  The wedding took place at the School Barn where family and friends gathered to watch this adorable couple exchange vows.  I remember asking Amanda to describe Bryan to me.  She mentioned that he loved the outdoors and that definitely showed with his choice for a groom's cake.  The couple welcomed guests into the reception where they wined, dined and partied the night away.  I can truly say that Amanda and I will be friends for years to come!  We grew extremely close during the planning process and  I can't wait to see what the future holds for this couple!  Congratulations and thank you for choosing Arden Photography to share this amazing day with you!

Katie & Lacy: The Knot

We absolutely love when we have weddings that are featured on different blogs and publications.  This week ,we're excited to announce that Katie and Lacy's Spring wedding is featured on The Knot!  Amazing vendors and a wonderful  bridal party are always the key factors in having a featured wedding!  It really does take a team effort to make sure the day is perfect in every aspect of the word.  From florals to photography, all vendors play a huge role in assuring that the entire planning process is a success.  There are so many different things to think about when the planning starts but at the end of the day we all provide the best service possible and we hope for moments like this.  Congratulations to Katie and Lacy and to every team member that made this wedding a success!  Be sure to check the link below to see more from this spectacular day!

Lizzie & Rod's Rehearsal Dinner: Arden Photography

Two rehearsal dinners are better than one!  We started the night off at the Grand Bohemian for a cocktail party in honor of Lizzie and Rod's big day!  Champagne flowed, guests mingled, laughter filled the air and then we did it all again an hour later!  That's right, the party moved to Galley and Garden where basically the same things happened, but on a smaller scale.  It was such an awesome idea to have the celebration of the soon-to-be newlyweds at two different places.  It was an opportunity for Lizzie and Rod to show some of the amazing places that Birmingham has to offer.  This was such a fun night and I could not have asked for a better group of people to photograph!  Congratulations on your wedding Lizzie and Rod and we know your parties will be double the excitement from now on!  

Borrowed and Blue Feature: Kaitlyn & Johnny!

We love it when Arden Photography is featured!  Thanks to Borrowed and Blue, Kaitlyn and Johnny's wedding will be seen by so many of you!  We had some amazing vendors for this wedding and it's always a team effort when we are published!  We're so excited to share this feature of this awesome wedding!  Congratulations again to everyone involved in making this day spectacular and for helping create one of the most amazing weddings ever!  Thanks Kaitlyn and Johnny for being the best bride and groom and for allowing us to share your wedding story!

Mo's Photo of the week: Arden Photography

The only thing my sister and I ever fought over were shoes.  I always knew when she had been in my closet because something was always out of place!  Well, I almost had that same fight again this weekend but not with my sister; it was with Scout(Emily's dog).  I wanted to get photos of Emily's wedding shoes in her bedroom.  When I placed the shoes on the floor, Scout immediately jumped off the bed and started guarding the shoes like the President's secret service!  The closer I got to the shoes, the more she growled until it eventually became a terrifying bark!  I noticed that Scout began to dance a little around the shoes and then it became pretty clear that she was actually trying to get her feet into Emily's Kate Spade's!  What a smart dog and she obviously has great taste in shoes!

Mo's Photo of the Week: Arden Photography

This weekend was extremely sentimental seeing our former intern, Sally marry the love of her life! Sally worked for Arden Photography for years and has officially become one of our favorite people on the planet.  We've watched her journey through college, leave her hometown and become a resident of another state and now marital bliss.  We are so excited that Sally found her Prince Charming and we couldn't be more thrilled about the opportunity to share this amazing day with them.  Congratulations to Rob and Sally!

Kervin-Party of Four! Arden Photography

Yesterday I headed down 65 South to Auburn to photograph the newest addition to the Kervin family.  I met Jamie and Brian a little over two years ago when they booked me for their wedding.  Brian is pilot and they chose to have their engagement portraits taken at the airport in Auburn.  A few months later, I was headed back to Auburn for their wedding and now for their newborn session.  It was such an amazing experience to photograph their bundle of joy, Oliver.  The day consisted of a few wardrobe changes, diaper changes and high-pitched vocals.   Parker, the family dog, even made a few appearances.  Congratulations to Jamie and Brian!  I've enjoyed documenting your love story from the very beginning and thank you for allowing us to be apart of your "Baby Story".  

Liza & Fred: Arden Photography

This may have been one of our favorite weddings of the summer. So filled with happiness and love was this couple. Upon their "first glance" meeting, Liza whispered to Fred, "I cannot wait to marry you." Classic touches graced this Windwood wedding with roses and satin, and a few unexpected details like personalized bug spray bottles for their guests. It turned into a real party after the ceremony as the band heated up, the lights flicked on, and the guests started grooving! Congratulations Liza and Fred! 

Matt & Cami: Arden Photography

We are so fortunate to have the opportunity to photograph weddings all over the world.  But, for some reason I'm always enthusiastic about those small college town weddings.  These weddings are also known as SEC weddings.  Usually, the entire bridal party attended an SEC school and there's a wedding cake that reflects their Alma Mater.   Last month, we headed to the plains of Auburn where Matt and Cami exchange vows during a beautiful evening ceremony.  Thanks to Christopher Confero, the day was absolutely perfect!  The bride was stunning, the groom was dapper and the band was amazing! Congratulations Cami and Matt!  

Bridesmaids: Arden Photography

It is so exciting to see bridesmaids become beautiful brides! Arden Photography loves capturing the love between a bride and her bridesmaids. It is an exciting moment when brides and bridesmaids switch roles and are able to support one another on each of their special days! Its been two years since Arden Photography spent the day with Lee on her special day and just recently we had the wonderful opportunity to spend the day with her former bridesmaid Britton! Congratulations to you both and we hope to see you in more weddings to come!!!

Beauty Tips by Arden Ward Upton

It's always about the smiles

During wedding day there is nothing more amazing than looking at a bride's smile, mostly because it is what she's doing all day long. Our brides glow, literally radiate pure joy on their wedding day and it beams out at us through the ear to ear smiles we see throughout the day.

Miss Mississippi, Heather Soriano | Dress: Ivory and White | Hair & MUA: Joshua at Salon U | Styling and flowers: Leah Hazzard

Miss Mississippi, Heather Soriano | Dress: Ivory and White | Hair & MUA: Joshua at Salon U | Styling and flowers: Leah Hazzard

So the beauty tip this week is all about the pearly whites. Having a confident smile starts at your dentists office. As doctor recommended you should get your teeth cleaned every six months, but leading up to wedding day what's wrong with an extra cleaning and teeth whitening. Nothing in my book! I consider it the same as a facial or getting your hair and make-up done. As all girls should know, looking your best on camera starts with planning a routine ahead of time.


Miss Alabama 2010 Audrey Moore, all smiles on her wedding day! Dress: Carriage House | Flowers: Hot House | Designer: Christopher Confero

Miss Alabama 2010 Audrey Moore, all smiles on her wedding day! Dress: Carriage House | Flowers: Hot House | Designer: Christopher Confero

Wedding Beauty Tip by Arden Ward Upton

Nail Polish

Not many people think about how important nail polish is on your wedding day but it is a key element in showing your style and looking "polished" so to speak because your hands and feet will be photographed throughout the day repeatedly. 

Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

One tip I would recommend which I learned the hard way on my wedding day is to test the color ahead of time. Also, I would highly recommend you purchasing your own color so that if chips occur over the long weekend you have a quick fix without more time spent at the salon.


Do I love you because you’re beautiful,
Or are you beautiful because I love you?
— Oscar Hammerstein II, Cinderella
Photo courtesy

Photo courtesy

I personally like softer colored nail polish because then the wedding band and engagement ring really shine and you want everyone looking at your rings and not an overpowering polish.

Ekaterina & Charlie

Ekaterina and Charlie were married at the Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church. Although all weddings are special, this was a particularly special day for Ekaterina and her family. Her mother and father traveled all the way from Russia to be at their daughters wedding and it could not have gone any better! Arden Photography is blessed to have been able to be a part of this special day for all. Congratulations Ekaterina and Charlie!


Just For Fun

Wednesday’s always seem like the LONGEST day of the week to me. While I was taking a quick lunch break I decided to take one of those annoying quizzes that are all over Facebook; “What Kind Of Wedding Should You Have?”. As I am sure it is not just me that feels that Wednesdays can be dreadfully long as you count down to Friday…I thought I’d share my own results and give everyone the chance to take the quiz themselves.

I got Vegas. The very insightful and I am sure scientifically accurate (cough, cough) quiz said: “You got: Vegas When you fall for someone, you fall HARD. Your relationship isn’t without its ups and downs, but you’re always the funnest couple around.”

I’ll give myself SOME credit by agreeing with the description…but although I love Ross and Rachel, I don’t think Vegas is my place to get married.

Here is the link to the quiz and a little snippet of Rachel and Ross’s Vegas adventure, because who doesn’t love FRIENDS!?!? FIND OUT WHAT KIND OF WEDDING YOU SHOULD HAVE HERE!!

Wedding Day Inspiration Board

I have to admit that I wasn’t one of the little girls that grew up daydreaming about her prince charming and what her wedding day would be like. I am however an avid daydreamer. This last year here at Arden Photography has been very exciting for me and I have enjoyed learning all the ins and outs of the wedding industry. That being said…I have had to cram about 15 years of daydreaming about my wedding into just one year!! Although I think I have some ways to go and probably a few lessons to learn from Christopher Confero I think my pinterest inspiration board is well on its way to being completed! Mint green, gold and a beautiful Spring day is all I’ll need to make my dream wedding come true…


Live Painting!!!!!!

As you can tell from my excessive use of exclamation marks in the title of this post, I am excited about the topic. Every wedding day has something unique to the bride or to the couple’s personality and as a devoted advocate of all things “artsy” I was truly elated to see these images of such a past time being used. Living in the world of technology we have begun to depreciate the value of using your hands to make art rather than a mechanical tool. As I must confess working in photography and graphic design I am pulled towards using updated technology myself, but I have the utmost respect for those whom are gifted in painting. Enough of my rambling, take a look for your self…this beautiful painting was done live at Mary Raines and Brandon’s reception. Such a unique way of remembering their special evening!

—Kenzie McEachern//Arden Photography