Fall Flowers for a Fall Wedding: Arden Photography

Can you feel it? Fall is so close, you can almost reach out and grab it. With the change of season comes an abundance of beautiful warm colors, golden sunlight, and a new array of flowers to choose for your fall wedding. Think rich, velvety reds and wines, keep-you-warm-at-night oranges, balmy, buttery yellows, and smooth creams (…is anyone else hungry now?).

Choose an arrangement that has a lot of texture and will break up the bright colors a bit. It is fall so take full advantage of it - include oak leaves, branches or tree bark, feathers, or dried wheat springs. Warm metals will really set off those colors, display them with copper vases or rose gold ribbons. A few of our favorite fall blooms are: calla lilies, carnations, sunflowers,  dahlias, celosia, billy balls, and roses. 

Here is to chilly nights by the fire, cozy sweaters, and pumpkin spice lattes! Fall, you have our hearts <3 <3 

A New Year, All New "Must Haves": Arden Photography

I have to admit I have the utmost respect for wedding planners. As we kick off the new year I am certain there will be new trends and new “must have” color schemes for this year’s weddings and all the wonderful wedding planners we work with will make the transition with ease. In my opinion it’s the table settings at a wedding reception that truly display the skills of a wedding planner. From the simplest to the most extravagant settings each detail down to the stitching of the linens covering the table can make a difference. Here are a few table settings from 2013 that were truly stunning.