Michael L. Kimble II: Arden Photography

Michael is back! And this year, his portrait theme is "hip hop." Every time we are around this cutie, we can't stop smiling and laughing. Michael exudes so much self-confidence, and absolute smoothness, that we dare anyone not to smile just by looking at these photos. He has an energy we can't get enough of, and we look forward to shooting his self-chosen themed portraits every year! Take a look back at previous years and you can see for yourself what I mean! 

Michael L. Kimble II: Part One

Michael L. Kimble II: Part Two

Baby Azok: Arden Photography

We have been there through it all with Billy and Dawn, and we are so happy to finally meet baby William! We just recently shot Dawn's maternity photos, and it was so easy to see how excited these soon-to-be-parents were. Now that he is here, these are the happiest parents in the world, and we felt privileged to photograph the love between these three. We cannot wait for the next chapter in your book Dawn, Billy, and William - congratulations! 

Billy & Dawn Are Expecting: Arden Photography

Everyone has their own definition of photography and what they like to capture best. To us, it is truly about capturing life happening - life stories in progress. Dawn and Billy have allowed us into their life for all of their biggest moments. We photographed their engagement portraits, their wedding day, and now she is pregnant with their first child! We have never not seen this couple quite literally glowing with happiness - we've seen it, we've captured it, we love it. We cannot wait to photograph the new baby, and to be there for another important and happy life story! Thank you allowing us to be there with you Billy and Dawn! 

Family Portraits: Arden Photography

Family portraits are some of our favorite shoots to do! We love getting to know the family and watching the kids grow up over time as we often photograph the family more than once. We met Melissa at the Botanical Gardens with her two adorable children - I mean look at that red hair! Like mother, like daughter, right? 

Fall comes and goes so quickly around here! Be sure to book your fall family portraits now!

Happy Birthday Ekaterina: Arden Photography

It is Ekaterina's birthday today! Happy Birthday! She came by our studio for some quick head shots and portraits. We photographed her wedding earlier this year as well as her engagement story. We love sharing life milestones with all of our clients, and were so happy when Ekaterina came in to have more photos done with us! Take a look back at Ekaterina and Charlie's wedding day: http://www.ardenphotography.com/blog/2014/3/20/ekaterina-charlie.html


Brittney & Cory Engagement: Arden Photography

Brittney and Cory came ready for their engagement photos exuding that "Sweet Home Alabama" quality. Decked out in cowboy boots and American colors, she was the epitome of Southern Belle, and he, the proud example of "good ole boy." Her daughter came with us, and gave us a never-ending supply of sassiness and humor, and kept everyone laughing throughout the shoot! We explored Railroad Park and Morris Avenue seeking out trains and tracks - all aboard the love train!

Mo's Photo of the Week: Arden Photography

I absolutely love head shots! It allows me to have some serious one on one time with the client and it shows the personality that some rarely get an opportunity to see. Generally our clients enter as shy individuals whom have dreaded this day since the scheduling of the session. It’s something about the phrase “having your picture taken” that often freaks out the most confident people on the planet. I believe that every single person has the ability to take an amazing photo! All it takes is the right photographer and for some… a little runway music in the background. My favorite photo this week consists of two ordinary people who didn’t realize how much fun head shots could really be. David is now considering a career in front of the camera and Kerri will be featured in a magazine soon! So, what are you waiting for? Schedule your session today at Arden Photography, where models are born!

-Mo Davis

From Leisure Suits to Fedora Hats: Arden Photography

Michael Kimble has a smile that will make you weak in the knees. He was such a joy to work with during his photo shoot. Every time we look back at this shoot the Arden Photography team cannot help but smile. Along with Michael’s amazing wardrobe choices, he has a personality that can brighten anyones day. We are so thankful for the time spent with Michael and his mother, Sandy. We can’t wait to work with you again Michael!

The Keller's: Arden Photography

Arden Photography had the opportunity to photograph the three beautiful Keller children. Windwood Equestrian was the perfect backdrop for the day with these three. The Keller’s were such a delight to work with and we thank them for a wonderful day. As we approach the holidays Arden Photography would like to thank all the families who have given us the chance to photograph their holiday family portraits!

Holiday Sessions Extended!!

Hooray! Holiday sessions have been extended! Arden Photography knows how important it is to have your family’s portraits taken for the upcoming holidays. We also know how busy everyone is, so we have decided to extend our holiday sessions this year. We still have available times for November 8th and November 24th. So what are you waiting for?! Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

Jamie & Charlee Kate: Arden Photography

I had such an amazing time yesterday photographing Jamie and her daughter, Charlee Kate. Jamie is expecting a new arrival really soon and Charlee Kate could not be more thrilled! Here are a few of my favorite photos from this awesome session! Congratulations Jamie! We’re so excited and we can’t wait to photograph your new son or daughter!

Heather & Lily: Arden Photography

Arden Photography adores photographing children, so it was a great pleasure to have the opportunity to photograph little Lily. Lily is the daughter of Heather, a dear friend of Arden’s. Her baby blues and natural smile made it a breeze to capture amazing portraits of her and her mother. It is clear that she is a natural in front of the camera! We can not wait to watch Lily grow up and to catch many more memories with her and Heather!

Andrea's Head shots: Arden Photography

This past week Arden Photography had the amazing opportunity to photograph a dear friends daughter. Andrea is the daughter of our own Gia from Gia’s Cakes in Mountain Brook, Al. Andrea was in town, or should we say in the country, visiting her mother all the way from Europe! We were so excited to take Andrea’s first head shots and experience first hand her natural beauty. Thank you Andrea and Gia for the wonderful afternoon, you two were great company!