Elle: Arden Photography

It's really convenient when your studio is located steps away from one of the trendiest boutiques in Birmingham.  You never know when you may need an emergency outfit for a pop-up occasion. Elle is one of those boutiques that constantly proves a weekly additional to the wardrobe is a mere necessity.  Just in time for Spring, the store is blossoming with pastels and if  you're heading to beach for Spring break be sure to check out the new additions of swimwear.  So the next time you're in the village, plan an additional few hours for a quick shopping spree!  You won't be disappointed! 

Judy & Michael: Arden Photography

Sometimes the smallest and most private weddings can be the most beautiful. There's something about being asked into a family's home to photograph a love story, especially at Christmas, that really puts into perspective our love of this art form. We aren't entirely ready to let the holidays go just yet, but who could blame us with such festive photos like these!

Arden Photography: Baby Portraits

We shot Katie's wedding day over two years ago. She and her husband have been living happily ever after when they were blessed with baby Paul. The day after he turned nine months old, Paul and Katie came to the studio for portraits. We strolled over to green grass where Paul plopped down and proceeded to give us lots of toothy grins, a few prestigious smirks, and quite a few laughs of our own! We photographed his cousin William just a few weeks ago, be sure to check out those images as well! 

John & Lizzie: Arden Photography

John and Lizzie were married on the most gorgeous day of the year at Mountain Brook Country Club. The scenery could not have been more beautiful as the couple exchanged vows in the presence of family and friends. Sybil Sylvester of Wildflowers, provided an amazing backdrop of florals and decor. The reception was the party of the century where guests danced and mingled throughout the night. Congratulations to John and Lizze!

Ivory & White: Arden Photography

The wedding dress is probably the most essential item for that special day. Well, I’ll say one of the most essential items…….the groom is pretty important too! When a bride reveals the wedding dress for the first time, everyone’s anticipation is usually appeased by a mere gasp or cheer of enthusiasm. Last week, Arden Photography had the pleasure of photographing Ivory and White Bridal Boutique in Mountain Brook. I’ve never been surrounded by such sparkle, tulle and ridiculously amazing fantasy in my life. There were dresses galore and bracelets and belts and shoes and perfume and earrings and…Ok, I’m starting to get excited again! Thanks to Brooke Mason, the company owner, for allowing Arden Photography to spend the day experiencing the joy that every bride does!