Alexandra & Jordan: Arden Photography

It's always a pleasure to photograph a family that you've known for such a long time.  Alexandra is the daughter of my friend Angie so you could imagine my delight when I was asked to be apart of such a special day! Alexandra and Jordan were married at one of our favorite places in Birmingham, Independent Presbyterian Church.  The day started with a piano session and ended with a grand exit to a vintage car! With beautiful florals, classic bridesmaids dresses and a picturesque bride, this was such a timeless wedding!  After a nightfall ceremony, guests gathered at The Club for the reception.  Guests wined and dined and danced underneath a floral canopy.  Arden Photography is so thankful for the opportunity to witness pure joy, happiness and the enthusiasm of being a newlywed couple.  Congratulations Alexandra and Jordan!  We wish you a lifetime of amazing days!

Bridal Bouquets 2015: Trends

While weaving together the details of your wedding, one of the hardest decisions can be about that one unforgettable touch: your bridal bouquet. It's the bundle of flowers you'll be holding as you swirl throughout all the events of your special day.  To help you gather inspiration, we've combed through all of the top wedding sites and have narrowed down on the best, blooming bridal bouquet trends of 2015. 

The Farm-Fresh Look: This "fresh from the garden" and just-picked look is topping the charts as one of the hottest trends of 2015. Brides are beginning to chose a more rustic and artfully styled look for their flowers. With this trend, many brides are choosing to use locally-sourced, seasonal blooms in order to coincide with the style and support local farms. It's a win-win!

Keeping it Classy: White blooms with long, green stems will forever be in style. This elegant look can be filled out with a classic white rose and calla lillie combination, or you can add in peonies and hydrangeas for a bit more flare. The possibilities are endless, but the look remains timeless. 

The Old-Fashioned: For the antique bride, vintage inspired flowers are a perfect fit. Fill up your bouquet with a mix of gorgeous dahlias and whimsical chrysanthemums, and you are sure to get "ohhs" and "ahhs" all night. 

Bright & Bold: If you've got a personality with a little spunk or a style with a bit more flare, then amp up your bridal bouquet with more volume, length, and of course, color. 

Adrienne & William: Arden Photography

Adrienne & William were wed on June 6, 2015 at Windwood Equestrian. Adrienne enjoyed the morning with her bridal party as they all got ready for the big day. Pictures of Adrienne's grandparents were beautifully tied around her bouquet, allowing them to be a part of her sweet day. The ceremony was drizzled with golden light and the couple tied the knot in front of all their friends and family. We are so glad we got to be a part of your special day. Congratulations on becoming the Bruners!

Preserving the big day...

Planning a wedding can seem like a lifetime, but when it comes to the actual big is over in the blink of an eye; so it is without surprise that many bride's try to preserve everything from flowers to the wedding cake! But why just have some shriveled up flowers laying in a box somewhere in that closet you never even open when you can get creative and display what was once your wedding day bouquet. 

I love this idea of making an ornament using the petals and stems from a bouquet! 

I love this idea of making an ornament using the petals and stems from a bouquet! 

Adding the cork from the bottle of champagne you toasted to that night would be such a great touch as well!!

Adding the cork from the bottle of champagne you toasted to that night would be such a great touch as well!!

My personal favorite is collaborating all the flowers into a framed piece that can be hung in the house all year around for everyone to see...I think this is just beautifully creative!