Savannah & Chris: Arden Photography

I knew I would love Savannah and Chris from the first moment we met!  They were both so quiet and when they did speak, it was so so-spoken.  The one thing I did notice was how sweet they both were!  From the engagement portraits to the wedding day photos, we could not be more pleased that we were apart of this wedding!  Thanks to Kalee Baker events, the entire day went off without a hitch!  Savannah and Chris were married at Windwood Equestrian on a gorgeous Summer day.  The couple knew they wanted their guests to enjoy the entire Windwood experience so they had a Windwood rider throughout the ceremony.  White dresses and white horses are things that little girls dream of and Savannah got both on her wedding day! We are so happy for this amazing couple and we can't wait to see what your future holds.  Thank you for allowing Arden Photography to be there from the beginning!



Hannah & Jared: Arden Photography

Who likes a stroll in the park on a Sunday afternoon?  I do!  It's always fun when leisurely time turns into a photoshoot!  It was just an ordinary walk in the park and some photos in between.  We're so excited about Hannah and Jared's Windwood Fall wedding!   We met the couple back in February and they're just as adorable today as they were then.  We spent the afternoon downtown among some popular Birmingham attractions:  I've always loved this city and it seems like every week, there's a new space waiting to be photographed.  Hannah and Jared's photos are absolutely stunning, but who could expect less from a stunning couple?  We're counting down the days until November 19th!

Vendor of the Week: Mariee Ami

Amazing vendors make amazing weddings!  I'm pretty sure most of you have seen the movie "The Wedding Planner".  It's based on a fictitious character who lives and breathes weddings!   It seems to be the real life autobiography of the ladies of Mariee Ami.  We were fortunate to have two back to back weddings with them and it's always a pleasure to be in  the presence of industry greatness.  Every little minor hiccup that seems to be a disaster in waiting is always demolished at the surface when these ladies are around.  Professional perfectionists is a nickname I've given these ladies over the years.  With every singly wedding, that phrase never seems to lose it's authenticity!  This is one of the many reasons this team is our vendor of the week.  So, cheers to an awesome start to this year's wedding season and it's always a pleasure to work with the dream team of Mariee Ami!

Meghan & Kevin: Arden Photography

Meghan and Kevin were married at Bridgestreet Gallery and Loft where Christopher Confero and Hothouse Designs created a world of Southern charm blended with attributes of the Louisiana bayou.  From the King's cake to the state's signature Mardi Gras beads, this colorful event was filled with surprises. Meghan and Kevin both share a love for music but it was quite unexpected when the bride serenaded the guests with a few songs, including a Whitney Houston classic.  Guests dined on a wonderful meal provided by Kathy G & Company.  During the reception, guests also had the opportunity to display their vocals during a karaoke showdown.   What an awesome and fun-filled day with the Duthus!  Congratulations Kevin and Meghan!

Barrow & Michael: Arden Photography

From the bridal portraits to the engagement session and now the wedding.  It's been a wonderful journey getting to know Barrow and Michael as a couple.  We've know Barrow for years because we photographed both of her sister's weddings.  She comes from such a wonderful family and we've had such an amazing time over the years simply because we love the Kettig celebrations.  Barrow and Michael were married at The Country Club of Birmingham in the presence of a small group of family and friends.  After the wedding, more guests joined the couple for a fun-filled reception.  We were thrilled to be apart of another Kettig wedding and we really wish they had more daughters for us to photograph!  Congratulations Barrow and Michael! 

Ekaterina & Charlie

Ekaterina and Charlie were married at the Saint Francis Xavier Catholic Church. Although all weddings are special, this was a particularly special day for Ekaterina and her family. Her mother and father traveled all the way from Russia to be at their daughters wedding and it could not have gone any better! Arden Photography is blessed to have been able to be a part of this special day for all. Congratulations Ekaterina and Charlie!


Just For Fun

Wednesday’s always seem like the LONGEST day of the week to me. While I was taking a quick lunch break I decided to take one of those annoying quizzes that are all over Facebook; “What Kind Of Wedding Should You Have?”. As I am sure it is not just me that feels that Wednesdays can be dreadfully long as you count down to Friday…I thought I’d share my own results and give everyone the chance to take the quiz themselves.

I got Vegas. The very insightful and I am sure scientifically accurate (cough, cough) quiz said: “You got: Vegas When you fall for someone, you fall HARD. Your relationship isn’t without its ups and downs, but you’re always the funnest couple around.”

I’ll give myself SOME credit by agreeing with the description…but although I love Ross and Rachel, I don’t think Vegas is my place to get married.

Here is the link to the quiz and a little snippet of Rachel and Ross’s Vegas adventure, because who doesn’t love FRIENDS!?!? FIND OUT WHAT KIND OF WEDDING YOU SHOULD HAVE HERE!!

Abby & Joseph

Abby and Joseph were married at the Cathedral Church of the Advent. After a beautiful ceremony guests joined the newly weds at Iron City where they indulged in delicious cake from Olexa’s. Guests looked on as the bride and groom danced their first dance to “Wonderful Tonight” by Eric Clapton. Everyone enjoyed dancing the night away together while listening to what can only be described as their own personal concert put on by Musical Fantasy. As Abby works at flower magazine we did not expect anything less than amazing floral arrangements created by Sybil Sylvester. Congratulation Abby & Joseph!!!

Wedding Day Inspiration Board

I have to admit that I wasn’t one of the little girls that grew up daydreaming about her prince charming and what her wedding day would be like. I am however an avid daydreamer. This last year here at Arden Photography has been very exciting for me and I have enjoyed learning all the ins and outs of the wedding industry. That being said…I have had to cram about 15 years of daydreaming about my wedding into just one year!! Although I think I have some ways to go and probably a few lessons to learn from Christopher Confero I think my pinterest inspiration board is well on its way to being completed! Mint green, gold and a beautiful Spring day is all I’ll need to make my dream wedding come true…