2018 Winter Bouquets | Arden Photography

Fewer amounts of weddings occur during the brisk cold of winter; but those that are able to brave the chill, do not disappoint with their floral decisions. White reminisces that of sparse, but loved, Alabama snow, and periwinkle and sapphire blues detailed these bride’s and bridesmaids’s bouquets to tie the winter-esque theme together. Leafy, jade greenery added extra volume, and baby’s breath provided delicacy and simplicity to these snowy-white bouquets. It might’ve been a cold evening during these celebrations, but the love that was in the air, and the beautiful bouquets in hand, warmed all of our hearts up.


2018 Autumn Bouquets | Arden Photography

Fall, known for: football, pumpkin spice, and Hallmark Halloween movies. Autumn weddings also have their trends. White bouquets will always be a classic go-to, but fall definitely opens bride’s minds up to the richer, jewel tones of the color spectrum. Crimson, plums, and navy were showcased throughout this cooler season, along with looser bouquets that had more hanging greenery compared to the warmer months of the year. Pink still peeked through during this season, but most of the time it was presented in deeper cranberry, fuchsia-esque versions of the typically lighter color found in bridal bouquets.


2018 Summer Bouquets | Arden Photography

The intense warmth of summer fell in suit behind its milder counterpart, spring. Color schemes also followed spring trends of white and rosy pinks. Crisp, all-white bouquets were ever popular providing the classic simplicity that many brides attempt to procure. Peach and corals also made their debut in these summer-y arrangements, while a bouquet of bright, smile-inducing sunflowers took main stage at one wedding celebration. Whether bright or simple, summer is the perfect season to experiment with vivid colors, along with your classic white florals, to bring the fun of summer to any wedding.


2018 Spring Bouquets | Arden Photography

Spring is predominantly characterized by pastels of bubblegum pink, sky blue, and lavender. This year white, with the occasional pop of baby pink, was a staple amongst my bridal and bridesmaid bouquets; yet, I did have some unique and beautiful outliers of fuchsia, orange, periwinkle, and crimson. Traditional or contemporary, these bouquets provided the loveliest visuals and gave that extra element of elegance and class to these bride’s wedding day. Here’s how some of my 2018 brides displayed some spring spunk into their floral arrangements.