Happy Wedding Anniversary to Abigail & Mathew | Arden Photography

Abigail and Mathew celebrated their sunflower-filled wedding at Windwood Equestrian on May 27, 2018 with Arden Photography. We want to extend a VERY happy one-year anniversary to this sweet couple. We hope that love continues to grow and shine light upon you. Cheers to many more!


Happy Wedding Anniversary to Larkin & Garrett | Arden Photography

Might be a little early in my timing, but that won’t stop Arden Photography from wishing Larkin and Garrett a magical one-year anniversary. We hope that the past year has allowed your love to grow and flourish between the two of you. We, also, hope that your future is filled with continual reminders of why each of you chose to become one together. Happy anniversary!


Happy Wedding Anniversary to Hollace & J.R. | Arden Photography

Happy ALMOST two-year anniversary! I had the immense joy of spending May 13, 2018 with this amiable couple on their warm, summer wedding day. Arden Photography sends lots of love and well wishes to you both on your day of wedding remembrance. Cheers to many more!


Happy Wedding Anniversary to Cari & Michael | Arden Photography

Almost two years ago Cari and Michael were wed at Windwood Equestrian with Arden Photography in tow. Happy EARLY anniversary to you both! We hope these past two years have been filled with love, patience, and happiness; and we wish many more years of the same!


Happy Wedding Anniversary to Lindsay & Blake | Arden Photography

On May 12, 2018, Lindsay and Blake were married at Windwood Equestrian. With that being said, Arden Photography wants to extend a loving, early anniversary wish to this sweet couple. We enjoyed sharing your wedding celebration with us, and we hope you can look back on your special day with fond memories!


Happy Wedding Anniversary to Erin & John | Arden Photography

Happy, happy, early two-year anniversary to Erin and John! This lovely couple celebrated their special day with us on May 6, 2017, and we’re still not over the excitement this day held. Arden Photography wishes you many, many years of love and adventures.


Happy Wedding Anniversary to Lauren & Graham | Arden Photography

Happy EARLY one-year anniversary to Lauren and Graham! Arden Photography was beyond over-joyed to be included in your wedding celebration on April 28 2018, especially at our special place we call home, Windwood Equestrian. I loved being able to relive this beautiful day looking through your photos. You guys are truly a beautiful couple, inside and out, and I wish you so much love for the future.


Happy Wedding Anniversary to Lacey & Carter | Arden Photography

Arden Photography wants to extend a HUGE happy two-year anniversary to Lacey and Carter that got married on this day, April 22nd, in 2017! We are so honored to have been a part of your special day, and we wish you many more years of happiness and love.