Just For Fun

Wednesday’s always seem like the LONGEST day of the week to me. While I was taking a quick lunch break I decided to take one of those annoying quizzes that are all over Facebook; “What Kind Of Wedding Should You Have?”. As I am sure it is not just me that feels that Wednesdays can be dreadfully long as you count down to Friday…I thought I’d share my own results and give everyone the chance to take the quiz themselves.

I got Vegas. The very insightful and I am sure scientifically accurate (cough, cough) quiz said: “You got: Vegas When you fall for someone, you fall HARD. Your relationship isn’t without its ups and downs, but you’re always the funnest couple around.”

I’ll give myself SOME credit by agreeing with the description…but although I love Ross and Rachel, I don’t think Vegas is my place to get married.

Here is the link to the quiz and a little snippet of Rachel and Ross’s Vegas adventure, because who doesn’t love FRIENDS!?!? FIND OUT WHAT KIND OF WEDDING YOU SHOULD HAVE HERE!!