These are images of my Grandma and she passed away last night. My mom was an only child and I am an only so we are her only remaining family. I thought that some of you might enjoy these images of her. For those of you who I have been friends with for a long time surely have some funny memories of my Grandma. I know that Kelly, Susan and Kristin really have some stories from your visits to her house in Miami and others of you who didn’t meet her can laugh at the stories Brett and I have told over the past years. Grandma had a long life she passed away just a few days away from her birthday. Until the very end she thought of herself as the beautiful young lady pictured below. She has always been fashionable from her modeling days until the end. I can only image it was just a short time ago she was talking about her up downs and hot pants. Brett & I have been my Grandmothers primary care giver for 7 years now. I moved in with her in Miami in 2001 and when we moved back to Birmingham along came Grandma. We are sad she is gone gone but happy that her quality of life is much better now.gram%201.jpgmodeling imagesgram%202.jpgHer band from the 50’sgram%203.jpgOne of my Grandma and I at Parrot Jungle a favorite place of hers